Experience aviation in its adrenaline-fueled form by taking to the skies in a powerful, 2-seat aerobatic aircraft.

We use the Pitts Special S-2b, produced by Aerotek Company (now supported by Aviat) in Afton, Wyoming and powered by a 6-cylinder, 260 hp Lycoming engine. The original design was drawn up by Curtis Pitts in 1944 and became the benchmark by which all aerobatic aircraft were judged by the 60’s. 


What can you Expect?

  • Introduction and pre-flight briefing over a hot drink to discuss the plan

  • Fitting into the flying suit

  • Walk out to the aircraft (Plenty of Time for Photos)

  • Fly (20/40 or 60-minute options)

  • Debrief and any final questions


The intensity of the aerobatics flown will be customised to suit, as we all have different levels of tolerance for G-Force and acceleration. 



20 minutes - £200

40 minutes - £250

60 minutes - £300


There is a cafe on site (The Apron Cafe), which is great for light bites or a full breakfast/lunch menu.


If you require any customisation for a special occasion, please get in touch.