The Aviation Industry itself can appear to be a bit of a mystery when you are on the outside looking in. Sitting on board a complex aircraft, in a claustrophobic cabin, trusting two strangers at the front to get you to your holiday destination or business trip safely can be quite daunting.


Our courses are delivered 1 to 1 by an Airline Pilot in a relaxed environment. We will start the day with a Meet and Greet over a cup of tea or coffee (plenty will be provided throughout the day). 


One of the main causes of fear when flying is simply a lack of knowledge about how an aircraft flies and operates. We will therefore explain in detail, the technical side of aviation, concentrating in particular on air turbulence, flight safety and much more.


The second part of the day will consist of looking further into the psychological aspects behind the fear of flying. We will discuss the mechanics of fear and how best to deal with anxiety and panic. We will demonstrate some positive ways of coping with your first or next flight. A lack of control, fear of heights and claustrophobia are all fears shared by many nervous passengers.


There is also an option to fly in a light aircraft after completion of the course. You will be able to chat to the Pilot, ask questions and hear all the radio calls from other aircraft in the air. 


We do understand that this is a personal struggle for you and it is difficult to take this step towards making your holiday enjoyable. The day will be personalised for you and if you wish to bring someone along for emotional support, it will not be a problem.



£200 for the ground course

(£100 additional for the 30 minute flight)



Retford Gamston Airport


Please contact us if you wish to book or chat about the course. We are happy to help.

It is fear that grips a large portion of the population with up to 25% of people suffering anxiety towards flying.