Our 1-to-1 course is designed specifically for new entrants into the industry. If you are applying to a flight training program requiring selection (L3 CTS/CAE Oxford/FTE Jerez/The Wings Alliance etc.) or your first airline job, this will be suitable for you.

The day is run by a current airline pilot, trained in airline recruitment. Across our team we have experience recruiting for various UK airlines and flight training programs.


We will give you with the skills & practice required to give you the best possible chance of success in your selection process.


What we will cover on the day…


  • Introduction over a hot drink and chat about current state of play in the industry

  • Group Exercises

  • 1-to-1 Competency Based Interview

  • Numerical Reasoning

  • Aptitude Testing 

  • Industry Specific Topics

  • Behavioural Markers and Indicators

  • CV and Cover Letter Writing 


Having completed the day you will receive written feedback regarding your performance, including strengths and weaknesses and recommendations as to how you can improve. 


We treat the day as a coaching session and we are here to help you succeed in a competitive industry. 


Price £200


Please contact us if you have any questions.