How we can help


We welcome all levels of experience (Microlight/LAPL/PPL) and will customise the training to suit. The training and practical test can be completed in 1 day, or spread out for a less intensive experience. The format for the complete training package:


  • Groundschool Presentation (can be done remotely online or at our site)

  • Communications Written Exam

  • Practical Test

The reference material for this course is from the CAP413 available on the CAA website.


Each item can be done separately and will be priced accordingly.


Pre-Requisites for license issue

You must be at least 16 years old and have:

  • Passed the PPL Communications theoretical exam (this must be completed before the practical exam, a 24 month validity period begins once you have passed the written exam)

  • Passed a practical RTF Communications test (there is a 24 month validity period to this test)

  • Demonstrated language proficiency to at least level 4


Validity period

A UK FRTOL issued after 17 September 2012, is valid for life, provided that your language proficiency endorsement is current. A Stand alone UK FRTOL issued before 17 September 2012, had a ten year validity. When these licences expire, if you still need an FRTOL, you must reapply and pay the appropriate fee.



£200 (complete training pack)


Contact us if you wish to discuss further, we are happy to help.

The Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence (FRTOL) authorises you to operate an Aircraft Radio Station in a UK registered aircraft.


The licence can be held as a standalone licence, but is normally held in conjunction with another Flight Crew licence.