We can revalidate and renew the following ratings:

  • Single Engine Piston (SEP)

  • Multi-Engine Piston (MEP)

  • Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC)

  • Instrument Rating (IR)

  • B200 Series Type Rating

Single Pilot Instrument Rating


The IR-SP is valid for 12 months, and must be revalidated by proficiency check. The LPC for an IR may be combined with that for a SEP or MEP rating.

SEP Land Class Rating


A Single Engine Piston (Land) class rating is valid for 24 months and can be revalidated by experience or proficiency check. In order to revalidate by experience, the pilot must produce logbook evidence that in the 12 months preceeding the expiry date of the rating they: have completed 12 hours of flight time in SEP or TMG aircraft (as appropriate) to include 6 hours as pilot-in-command, 12 take-offs and landings and a training flight or flights comprising at least 1 hour with an approved Flight Instructor or CRI. In order to revalidate by proficiency check, the candidate must pass a Licence Proficiency Check (LPC). 

UK IMC Rating


An Instrument Meteorological Conditions rating is valid for 25 months and can be revalidated by flight test with an approved examiner. If the candidate can provide logbook evidence that in the period between rating issue or the last revalidation they have carried out a let-down and approach to DH/MDH, a go-around and missed approach procedure to the satisfaction of an approved flight instructor, then they need only be tested on one type of approach. Otherwise, two approaches, using different aids must be demonstrated during the test.