A taste of flying a light aircraft. Handle the flying controls with guidance from an instructor and experience what it is like to be a pilot.

On this trial lesson, you will experience what it is like to learn to fly. The flight covers Exercise 3 of the EASA Private Pilots License syllabus and will be credited towards the course if you wish to continue afterwards.


Why do a trial lesson?

Taking your first step, with an introductory flying lesson is often the start of an adventure to learning a new skill or a possible change of career.


This allows you to experience flying before committing to gaining your PPL or LAPL. 


The time of your introductory lesson can be logged in your log book towards both of these courses.


You may also want to give the gift of flight to a close friend or loved one.


All of our instructors are experienced commercial pilots, offering safety and comfort at all times.


What can you expect on the day?


  • Arrival at Retford Gamston Airport is recommended 10 minutes before the lesson start time to allow you to find the school

  • Pre-flight briefing over a cup of tea or coffee about the lesson to be flown and safety procedures

  • Walk out to aircraft (plenty of time for photographs if you wish)

  • Fly (30/60 minute options)

  • Debrief to cover any final questions

The lesson is designed to be relaxed, enjoyable and conducted at a steady pace to allow you to take it all in. We can design the flight path to fly over any specific points of interest (your house etc.) providing the lesson is long enough and air traffic control allow us to access the airspace.


The Apron Cafe is located on site, with an excellent reputation for food and coffee. 



30 minute, 2-seat - £90

60 minute, 2-seat - £160

30 minute, 4-seat - £125

60 minute, 4-seat - £195


Please contact us to book or discuss any questions you may have.